Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Intro to Perspectives on Beginning To Fly Fish

Photo by Adam Kryder with a Rollei 35s
It does not take a small fortune to begin fly-fishing.

Call me old school, but it is not the gear that makes the fisherman, but the fisherman that brings life to the gear.

Becoming a fly-fisherman that knows how to bring the beauty out of any gear - no matter what the conditions - is a desirable feat.  Knowing our limitations and learning how to excel within them is the greatest reward.

In the spirit of being an eternal student of fly-fishing who is constantly adapting to the shape-shifting face of Mother Nature, I am happy to introduce The Stream Life Journal Original Series:  Perspectives on Beginning to Fly-Fish.

The purpose of this ongoing series is to demystify gear buying, and promote down-to-earth knowledge to make fly-fishing accessible to everyone. From boots to tippet, and rods to eye-wear, I will address every aspect of fly-fishing that continues to surprise and humble me each day on and off-the-stream.

In my next post from the Perspectives on Beginning to Fly Fish Series, I will begin with some thoughts on limitations and how they continue to drive us to excel.

I hope you enjoy!

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